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Every year we start wondering what are the top 10 Christmas gifts in 2013 that we can give to the people we love. This does cause us a bit of confusion, even if we know the person very well and do know his or her interest. Take my father for example, every year in the past before he stopped driving if you asked him what gift he wanted he would say "car tires", it became such a joke in our family that even though he is 83 and does not drive anymore you will still hear him say "car tires". We never bought him car tires ..... I should have paid more attention, he might have been very happy , had I bought them.
So rule number one ... listen and if its too expensive see if other family members all want to participate in the gift.
Rather buy a xmas present that is wanted and needed . We hope you enjoy our suggestons for the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010.                                                                                                                      Read the whole article here As Featured On EzineArticles

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All time Great Christmas gifts that are for any one. For Business to give to Employers, for Neighbors and Friends. Its the Art of Giving. A little something to Sweeten the Holiday. To express your Gratitude. Or if you are just plain stuck and cant come up with an idea, we have plenty of Idea's. I'm sure one will suit your needs